1. One Church member had been having marital problems with her husband. He was in the process of sending her away. There was another woman waiting to come in. That day when he left for work he told her that as soon as he gets paid some money that day he will give her transport money to go her parents. He had not communicated with her on phone for 5 months. It happened that we had a Church service that day. After the service Prophet Edrick Jere prayed with her on the altar reversing everything the devil was doing in her marriage and calling upon God to touch her husband. After the prayer the Prophet and his wife gave the lady a lift to her house AS SOON AS WE LEFT THE ALTAR IN THE CHURCH HER PHONE RANG. IT WAS HER HUSBAND ASKING WHERE SHE WAS. SHE TOLD HIM THAT SHE WAS AT CHURCH. ON THE WAY HE CALLED TWICE. When they reached her house the husband came to the car. Then he said it was good the Prophet and his wife were present. He wanted to do something. He took out K800 and said that he as giving that to his wife so that She can buy what she wants. THEY HAVE 3 CHILDREN. BEFORE THIS TIME HE HAD EVEN STOPPED BUYING FOOD IN THE HOUSE FOR A LONG TIME .The wife couldn’t believe this! Instead of transport money to go to her parents place he gave her money for food. God, They are now living together, happily. Almighty, turned everything around
  2. Another woman in the Church had problems with the husband in their marriage. Earlier this year they went court and obtained a divorce. The week before they got a divorce a strange woman came into house. The husband claimed that he was a relative but the wife had never seen or heard of her before. Three days before the court judgement On a Friday She brought the court summon the Prophet’s home. Prophet Edrick Jere didn’t come out to see her. He was having prayers.. His wife, Pastor Mevis brought the court sermons to him. He prayed over it cancelling the whole thing. Then his wife told her to go and leave it on the altar in Church. Three days later they were divorced in court. After service that same week Prophet Edrick Jere prayed for the lady on the altar in Church. He bound every power of darkness behind what was happening. He told her that before June they will be reconciled. Two weeks later the former husband started sending her messages such as greetings, good nights and good mornings. The man said he wanted to reverse the divorce. Three months later in April they got reconciled and are now planning to throw a party. We praise the Lord for His mighty power!
  3.  On our Wednesday radio program there was a man who couldn’t walk for 5 years. He could also not see well. During the call in session the Prophet Edrick Jere prayed for the man. He was healed instantly. He got up and started running! The Prophet told him to touch his eyes and prayed for him. His sight was restored and he was now able to see clearly and read
  4. During one of the school outreaches at a school in Matero, Lusaka in a scripture union meeting there was a Grade 12 girl. Since She was in Grade 6 She could not see properly. She couldn’t read on the board. Even now in Grade 12 She had to copy from a friend’s book every time a Teacher gave them work on the board. Prophet Edrick Jere prayed for her and immediately God healed her. She could not read the board and write in the book. She girl shed tears of joy
  5. In one of the hospital outreaches at UTH there was a in a ward who had suffered from kidney failure. This man was in a lot of pain and couldn’t sit up at all. After a brief ministration of the Word of God Prophet Edrick Jere prayed for him. He asked God to give the man a new kidney. Immediately after prayer the pain disappeared and the man able able to sit up. When he touched the place where the failed kidney had been there was no pain.
  6. At one of the outreaches at Kamwala Remand Prison in Lusaka there was a man who has been involved in a car accident. For 7 years he had pain in the shoulder and neck. After a short prayer from the Prophet the pain disappeared.
  7. Another man in the Prison could not walk properly due to pain in one leg since 2016 due to witchcraft but after prayer he was instantly healed!                         There was a man who had asthma. The prophet told him to bring some water in a cup and prayed for the water. He then instructed the man to drink the water. After drinking the water, the man said he felt something cold going in him. He chest and lungs cleared up and the Asthma disappeared!